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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Where Robin Hood Has Coffee

Durham to Exeter is almost a complete spanning of the country. I would drive farther and faster in the US, but I never saw anywhere near as much.

This is exactly what it says on the bottle, the coffee shop at the edge of Sherwood forest. The cynical part of me expected it to be a Starbucks, but in reality it is an adorable family place with a three layer chocolate fudge gateau as thick and rich as I imagine Sherwood forest was when Robin Hood was head chef.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A sign for more than just brocken Toasters

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Yes, we all have issues -mine currently seems to be not wanting to write about books but rather about odd things I find around town, for example-and we are often even very aware of at least some of our own foibles. Some of these we want to change, some we don't. But honestly, as much as we might think it, and as useful as it would probably be, no one would ever humble themselves as much as this brave little toaster 'I'm yours if you want to try and fix me'.

Stage door to the Globe

There is the front door for patrons, a side door for the Very Important, who can't be seen with Hoi Poili, but the door from which I wish to enter The New Globe Theatre is tucked unceremoniously in the back, right next to the sign that says I shouldn't be taking this picture. This is the stage door, best for storming out of as a ingenue, sneaking into as a chorus member to snag the over emotional ingenue's part, and smoke breaks for people who will never admit to smoking on their CV's.
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Last day of work

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As of now I am offically a Stay at Home Mom. Which means a)I will have more time to read b)I will have more time to write about what I am reading and c) I will have a wonderful, but tempremental toddler holding on to me for dear life while I do the first two. Should be fun.

Children and books

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Rose dreamed she was a Lily,
Lily dreamed she was a Rose.
Robin dreamed he was a sparrow,
What Owl dreamed, no one knows
But they all woke up together
As happy as can be.
Each said, you're lovely neighbor
But I'm happy being me.

It might be a little blurry, but this is Bookworms shirt from when she was much smaller. It is now pinned up to her notice board. I want to keep it in her room while she grows. It's not a book, but a perfect example of what books can and should do.
I'm sure every child has been told about the wonderful transportive power of books, bringing us to new places and giving us new experiences, if only in thought, so that we can relate better to others. That is a wonder all it's own, but stopping there falls short of a complete explanation. A book should also transport us back home again with a new love of home or a desire to change it. Books are not merely escapism. They are reality changers.

It also reminds me of this song.